Kingwood, WV USA


Maplewood Cemetery was established in 1870. It features peaceful mountain views and gravestones dating back to the nineteenth century, as well as offering an interesting look into our town’s history.

Maplewood Cemetery’s physical address:
208 E. High Street
Kingwood, WV 26537

Hours of operation: Sunrise to sunset, daily.

Below the individual section listings is a link to a map of the entire cemetery.

All sections have now been posted, but our work is not complete!  So far, the response to this project has been incredible and we would love for that to continue.  Please continue to contact us at (304) 329-1225 with any questions, corrections and/or relevant information/documents.  Thank you!

Cemetery Sections

Amos A
MAP- Amos A
Amos B
MAP- Amos B complete
MAP- Amos B left
MAP- Amos B right
MAP- Brady Addition
Middle Flynn
MAP- Middle Flynn
Northeast Flynn
MAP- Northeast Flynn
Northwest Flynn
MAP- Northwest Flynn
South Flynn
MAP- South Flynn
Southeast Flynn
MAP- Southeast Flynn- Upper
MAP- Southeast Flynn- Middle
MAP- Southeast Flynn- Lower
Southwest Flynn
Southwest Flynn (cremation)
MAP- Southwest Flynn- Upper
MAP- Southwest Flynn- Lower
MAP- Gibson
MAP- Godwin
Old Cemetery
MAP- Old Cemetery East
MAP- Old Cemetery West
MAP- Overall Cemetery