Kingwood, WV USA


The City of Kingwood has 6 zoning districts

R-1 Single-Family Residential
R-2 Two-Family Residential
R-3 Apartment Residential
B-1 Neighborhood Highway Commercial
B-2 Central Business District
I-1 Industrial

Each district has different regulations applying to usage, setbacks, height and area requirements, etc. Please review the zoning map for the parcel in question and then the appropriate regulations can be found in the zoning ordinance.

If a desired project would not be in accordance with the zoning requirements, a variance can be sought through the Board of Zoning Appeals. Be aware that there is a cost involved for the variance process, as public notices are required to be published in local newspapers. Contact City Hall for further information regarding the variance process.


The City of Kingwood has established land use and development standards, otherwise known as zoning. Before building any new structure, modifying an existing structure, constructing or modifying a wall or fence, adding or modifying signage, or starting a business, please check that the proposed plans are in-line with the current zoning regulations.