Kingwood, WV USA



Streets and sidewalks

Am I responsible for the sidewalk in front of my property?

Yes. By city ordinance and WV state code, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks that abut their property. This includes paving or concrete work, snow clearing and general maintenance.

Will the city plow my road in the winter?

Some roads, whether paved or not, within the city limits are not actually city streets, even if the streets are named. There is a process to “dedicate” streets to the city and some streets and alleys have not been through this process. Please check with the staff at city hall for the list of recognized/dedicated city streets. There is an ordinance in place that specifies the requirements needed for a street to be dedicated.

When will my street be paved?

Some roads, paved or not, within the city limits are not actually city streets, even if the streets are named. There is a process to “dedicate” streets to the city and some streets and alleys have never been through this process. Please check with the staff at City Hall for the list of recognized/dedicated city streets. There is an ordinance in place that specifies the requirements need for a street to be dedicated.

Building Permits

Can I get a permit for a project if all of my neighbors sign off on it, even though it would not meet city ordinance requirements?

The building permit process allows for a citizen to ask for a variance which may or may not be granted. If the building permit does not meet requirements per the review process the issue will be discuss with the property owner/s, at which time if they wish council will refer the issue to the Board of Zoning Appeals. The Board has a process which will be followed to determine if a variance will be given.

Can I do work on a commercial property that I own?

The ordinance requires that a licensed contractor be listed on the permit but the owner can do their own work. You cannot hire a third party to work for you to complete the work unless they are a licensed contractor.

Why does the building across the road have more signs than me? Why is my neighbor’s building on the property line but mine can’t be?

Why is my neighbor’s building on the property line but mine can’t be? As with any law in government the laws/ordinances are changed from time to time. Council is enforcing the present laws/ordinances. Other properties are grandfathered under previous versions of ordinances and may not be required to comply with current ordinances unless renovations are done which exceed 50% of the total value of the property.

Do I need a permit for an above-ground pool?

Yes. Some excavating/leveling will need to be done for the pool. The pool needs to be off property lines by 5ft in side and rear yard; front yard must be same as structure in that zoning district. If a deck is to be added in the future it will need to be off property lines per ordinance.

Do I need a permit for portable building?

Yes. All accessory buildings need to be 10ft off of property lines in the side and rear yards and no closer to the street in front than the present building, therefore the City needs to verify distances. The vendor delivering the building will need a City Business license to deliver and set up.

Do I need a permit for landscaping?

Landscaping encompasses a broad spectrum of work. If you are excavating for more than just planting plants, you will need a permit. If planting shrubs for a border, you will need a permit because of encroachment of property boundaries. General cultivation, planting and mulching do not require a permit. If in doubt, call City Hall.

What Building code must my project comply to?

WV Title 87, Series 4 State Building Code, including: 2015 IBC; 2015 IRC (delete Chapter 11); 2015 IEBC; 2015 IPC; 2015 IMC; 2015 IFGC; 2015 IPMC; 2015 ISPSC; 2014 NFPA 70 (NEC); 2009 IECC (Residential Energy); 2009 ICC/ANSI A 117.1 Standards for Accessibility; 2007 ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1 (Commercial Energy). It is the responsibility of property owner /contractor to verify the code is adhered to.

I’ve been planning an improvement for several months. Why do I need to wait 2 weeks for permit?

Part of the planning process should include that the project is within City guidelines. Why does the City need to know who is doing my work? The City requires that any Company doing work with in the city has a City license. To obtain a City license they must have a State license. This process, although not fool proof, helps to verify that companies are valid companies and scams are reduced. What is the cost of a building permit? The permit is ten dollars ($10.00) for construction costs (labor and materials) ranging from one dollar ($1.00) to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). Additional twenty dollars ($20.00) for construction costs ranging from one thousand one dollars ($1001.00) to two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00). Then additional five-tenth of one percent (.005) of construction costs above $2500.

Do I have to wait until the next meeting for a permit?

Emergency permits can be issued if a true emergency justifies them (roof leaks, HVAC issues, plumbing failures, etc.) The City Supervisor /City representative will visit your site to review the permitted work and notify City Hall whether to allow the emergency permit. If the City Supervisor is not available, a City Council member can approve emergency permit.

Please be aware if the permit is reviewed and it is not an emergency, a fine of $100 can be charged and permit will not be issued until fine is paid.

How do I get a permit?

The application for a building permit can be obtained at city hall. After you have provided all the information asked for in the application, it will be submitted to Council for approval. Council meets on 2 nd and 4th Tuesday of each month; application needs to be submitted by Friday of the previous week to be reviewed. After approval, the permit will need to be paid for in full and the permit will be issued. Permit must be displayed on site while work is being done. Please ask questions to the staff to assist in filling out the permit application. The process maybe slowed down or permit rejected if all of the needed information is not provided.

Who needs a Building permit?

A building permit shall be required to be obtained by the owner or authorized agent for the construction of buildings/homes, additions/alterations to buildings/homes, remodeling, repairs or renovations performed, moving of a building/home, demolition and excavation in regard to property and structures within the municipality. A specific listing is included in the ordinance. If in question, please ask a staff member of City Hall.


Why do we have parking meters?

While it may seem counter-intuitive, metered parking is a benefit for businesses that do not have their own parking lot. By creating parking turnover in commercial areas, businesses benefit by the availability of open street parking. Otherwise, parking spaces contiguous to a business may be used on a long term basis by residents nearby or employees of those businesses, causing a lack of parking for potential customers of those businesses.

Yard Sale

Do I need a permit to have a yard sale?

Yes. A yard sale permit can be obtained from city hall. The cost of the permit is $5, and you are limited to 2 yard sales per calendar year. The permit number must be included on any signs that advertise said yard sales.

Utilities and services

What happens if I don’t cut my grass?

By ordinance, lawns must be kept to a height of less than 6 inches or you can be subject to fines and penalties in municipal court.

Can I blow my leaves and grass clippings into the street or onto the sidewalk?

No. Leaves and lawn debris that are blown into the street or sidewalk can cause a hazard for drivers and pedestrians. These debris can also obstruct storm sewer and drainage inlets, which can result in flooding of roadways and even basements of neighboring properties.

Can I burn my lawn clippings and brush?

Open burning within city limits is strictly prohibited without a permit. A permit can be obtained at no cost from city hall. The permit must include the name, address and time period when the burning is to take place. All open burning is subject to rules laid out by the WV State Fire Marshall and open burning without a permit will be subject to charges under municipal and/or state code.

Will the city pick up my leaves and lawn clippings?

The city will collect bagged leaves and lawn clippings for a per bag fee. Please call to schedule a pickup. The city also provides a free location to dispose of said debris that is adjacent to the city garage on JT Brammer Lane. Please call city hall before dumping debris. Any dumping of garbage, stumps, dirt or limbs larger than 3” in diameter could result in a criminal litter complaint and revocation of future dumping privileges.

When is my garbage picked up?

Pickup days are dependent on your address, so check with city hall. Garbage is to be put out by 6AM on the day of pickup. Even if your garbage is not usually picked up until later in the day, pickup times can vary, depending on other factors (weather, holidays, etc.). Leaves and lawn debris

Am I responsible for a large bill due to a leak that was not immediately noticeable?

When the bill reflects unusual usage in excess of 200% of the customer’s historical usage that can be attributed to leakage on the customer’s side of the meter, the utility may adjust the bill. Customers will need to fill out a leak adjustment request form and provide photos or receipts of the repair.

Do I have to pay for garbage service?

Yes. WV State Code mandates that any resident of a municipality is required to pay for municipal garbage service, if such service is provided by the municipality and other municipal utilities are being utilized.

How can I sign up for water/sewer/trash service?

The WV Public Service Commission has certain requirements that apply to utility service. Service must be applied for in person at city hall. If you are a tenant, you will need photo identification and a copy of your lease, along with a $100 deposit. If you are a property owner, you will need a photo ID and the $100 deposit.